Carrot Poached Kohlrabi
  by Grace Galanti


This vegan recipe has the naturally salty crunch of kohlrabi in a sweet carrot almond broth.

3 Kohlrabi, 1/4" slices
4 Carrots
2 cups Almond milk
3 sprigs Thyme
1/4 handfull, Chives
1 handfull, Arugula flowers
3 Chive flowerheads, separated

Boil 4 carrots in 4 cups water until soft.  To make the poaching broth, add almond milk and blend in pot with a stick blender until smooth. Keep at a medium-low heat; add kohlrabi slices and thyme.  Poach kohlrabi until desired consistency, with more or less crunch - about 20 minutes.  Add diced chive greens mid-way.  Spoon into serving dish with carrot almond broth and top with arugula and chive flowers.