B O T A N I C A L L Y     I N S P I R E D


Aurum Holistic combines farm grown botanicals, traditional Western Herbalism, and whole food nutrition to provide a holistic health experience that honors the body's innate ability to heal itself.  Our area of expertise is the skin, each person's visible "magazine" that publishes the health status of our systems within the body.  During imbalance the body tends to maintain an unhealthy homeostasis, and through these systems can be moved toward healthful equilibrium.  We may look to the Immune System for outward manifestations such as Eczema, the Circulatory System when Rosacea presents, or the Endocrine and Digestive Systems for Acne. Working with underlying causes gets to the root of the problem, allows the body to make its own internal adjustments, and results in a healthy outward appearance.  Often, achieving beautiful and glowing skin is as simple as finding the right products and making a few lifestyle adjustments.  We offer these resources along with support for lasting, natural beauty.

Wild Arugula

Wild Arugula


We grow our herbs on a 36 acre farm in the Oley Valley, Berks County, Pennsylvania.  Working in partnership with Furnace Creek Farm, medicinal and culinary herbs are available locally at Oley Valley Organics, and in New York City at Union Square Greenmarket each Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Visit our Herb Shop to order online.



We are a group of dedicated practitioners providing holistic modalities such as therapeutic massage, vibrational therapy, reiki, counseling, and botanical skincare. 



The Latin word for gold, and a symbol of transformation from the early alchemists; Aurum represents our journey toward finding and maintaining true health from within.