Nasturtium Elixir
       by Grace Galanti


12 nasturtiums
2 cups vodka
4 coriander seed heads
2 tbs rose water
1/2 cup honey
4 sprigs lemon verbena (approx 6 inches long)
1 handful Mayan mint leaves

Lemon verbena

Place nasturtiums in Ball jar and cover with vodka.  Allow to infuse for at least 2 weeks and up to 3 months.     

In a jam jar, add rose water, honey, and coriander.   Reserve a seed head on the side.  Crush with a pestle or wooden spoon handle and set aside.  Allow to marinate for a few hours at least.  

In a separate pint jar, combine lemon verbena and mint leaves with spring water, filling to top.  Gently bruise leaves in the water with the back of a spoon and allow to sit for a few hours until the water is flavored by the herbs. 

Add nasturtiums and vodka to a decanter.  Strain the verbena mint water and add 1/2 cup to the coriander honey mixture.  Now strain again to remove the coriander seeds.  Add to nasturtium vodka with the reserved coriander seed head and a few sprigs of herbs from the spa water.  Take the remaining water and freeze in an ice cube tray.

Fill a small rocks glass with the verbena mint ice and cover with Nasturtium Elixir.