Lemon Bergamot Greek Yogurt
       by Grace Galanti


1 gallon raw milk
2 tbs yogurt starter
1 cup honey
1 bunch lemon verbena
1 bunch bergamot

To make the yogurt, bring milk up to 185 degrees in a large pan.  In a cold water bath, allow milk to cool to 125 degrees.  Pour into a covered crock container and add yogurt starter by mixing 2 tbs with a cup of the milk (for first time use another plain yogurt with live cultures, then reserve a jar of your own yogurt to use as the for starter in the future).  Yogurt temperature should remain between 110-120 degrees.  Wrap covered crock with a heating pad on high and then cover this with a few towels to hold in the heat.  Let sit undisturbed for 10-12 hours. 

Place yogurt in a cheese cloth strainer or Greek yogurt strainer for 8 hours or until desired consistency.  In a mixing bowl crush the herbs and then stir in Greek or regular yogurt and honey.  Stir well to infuse yogurt with herbs.  Pick out the pieces of herbs or pass through a strainer. 

Enjoy with wine berries!